Renata Adair

My amazing journey of connecting to the afterlife began after a near fatal car accident on April 11, 1995. I began having many experiences of seeing and hearing those who no one else could see or hear. It was during this time that memories from my childhood began to come back to me. I somehow have always felt or known things about people that no one else had. While growing up it was not accepted and I simply shut it all out. It truly frightened me.

On Feb 27, 1997, I was home recovering once again from an operation that I had due to injuries that I had suffered from the car accident. I had a deep sense that I was going to pass on and finally leave the physical body that had held me in bondage and pain since that April night. I don’t recall much about how I got to the hospital or the weeks that I would spend there. More operations followed and finally I was allowed to go home . I had spent weeks in ICU struggling to hang on to my life. However, that day and the days, weeks and months that followed, forever changed my life. After I returned home to begin what would be a 3 year healing process, I thought I was losing my mind. I finally sought out counseling and did extensive research on the subject of the afterlife. During this time I was able to walk through my fears. Then I could accept that my gift to see and talk with those who have passed, truly came from God, so that I might help them connect with their loved ones. I am just a simple lady who lives in the Southeast with my husband and 3 children. Before the accident I had been a teacher of special education and had owned and operated a daycare center. I have always been a very caring and compassionate person.

For the past several years, I have been doing private sessions for clients. I am always seeking to bring compassion, upliftment and understanding to those that are led to me . I am able to connect to your loved ones, guides and angels. I begin with a prayer. I like to say that I am just the instrument. I simply give the “other side” a voice to get their messages delivered. I also do large groups and two day workshops on sharing how you can discover your own light, and connect to it.

You will often hear me say “Help Always Harm Never”. I strive daily to be of service to the amazing Creator who has given me a second chance in life. I believe with all my heart that GOD or the CREATOR or whatever name anyone prefers to call the “Higher Power” is SIMPLY LOVE. It is through His love and guidance that He uses me to help those who come to me. I like many, have suffered the loss of loved ones. It is never an easy thing. Yes, I have comfort in knowing that they are okay. I have comfort in knowing that I will be with them again some day. But, just like you, I am also human and I too need to seek guidance from someone else to help me deal with the passing of a loved one or just to hear from them. One thing I can share with you is that none of us is ever left alone, and we always have the invisible unconditional amazing love of the Creator whose love may not be something that is seen in black or white, but whose LOVE is felt within! It’s that simple knowing or that warm fuzzy feeling that we all have experienced at some time in our lives. The Father-Mother-God’s Love is always near, is always sending many to help us as we walk this earth and continue on our journey. This journey is never a easy one, yet it can be an amazing adventure when one discovers the still small quite place within themselves that leaves them feeling complete peace and serenity, and a knowing that somewhere beyond this place we call home, there is a different place waiting to be “redisovered”. It is ready to welcome us to a magical kingdom that lies within. Once this is accepted, it is an amazing gift that is unexplainable.

I wish you much Love, Peace, Happiness, Joy and Light in your life and many blessings. Renata