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  • Psychic ReadingsThe Benefits of Psychic Readings
    Psychic readings have a plethora of benefits. It is true that some psychics out there are not who they claim to be. It takes a truly special gift and years of practice for anyone to be a real psychic. If you can seek out a genuine psychic and are […]
  • smokingHypnosis to Quit Smoking
    Smoking is a problem that is plaguing us for a long time and sometimes people quit or try to quit when it gets too late. Quitting smoking is very challenging. The nicotine addiction is very hard to stop as it causes both physical and mental […]
  • Pain managementHypnosis for Pain Management
    The entertainment industry has often presented hypnosis as a practice of controlling an individual’s mind while he/she is unconscious and forcing him to do things which he/she would never do when awake. It is used to entertain the audience and very […]
  • Spiritual Coach 2What is a Spiritual Coach?
    Many of us believe who we are as a person and what we want to achieve in our life. It sometimes does not feel satisfying even after achieving that goal. In such a situation, people start wondering “what do I really want and how I can reveal my […]
  • FearHow to use hypnosis to release fears?
    Fear is similar to water, it needs a path to flow. If nothing actually life threatening is happening right at the point a person feels fear, then his imagination constructs a path for that fear by making a reason for to feel fearful. If […]


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